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Jessica Scheuerman
Bedford High School
2014 Graduate

Jessica Scheuerman is a 2014 graduate of Bedford High School, Temperance, Michigan, and has pursued art since she was very young. She especially enjoyed figure-drawing classes in high school, her favorite mediums being pencil and acrylic paint. Jessica's art is inspired by the music and the folklore of different cultures. She said, "I like to tell stories through my art, and encourage people's imaginations—play with their emotions."

She tends to gravitate towards realistic and stylized forms of art, which she loves to bring to life through digital animation. She is planning a career in video game development, and will attend Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the fall.

As an art project prior to graduating from high school, Jessica created a chair for MTS Seating's The Art of MTS project. "Creating a work of art with a chair – this is my most unique canvas so far," she said.

Jessica defined her upcoming graduation as intimidating when she realized that she could go wherever she wanted to go, and do whatever she wanted to do. The chair reflects a thoughtful place for Jessica, prior to beginning her college career. "I used a pair of closed wings because I created the chair in that transitional time when I was figuring out what I wanted to do after high school. I have all of the tools to take flight; I just need to spread my wings."