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Total customer satisfaction drives us to build unsurpassed quality, deliver on time, and continuously expand our products, services, and value. MTS is more than a supplier. We’re a partner, committed to our customers’ success and vested in their growth as part of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We take customer service to the next level and beyond.

Case Study: Manchester Grand Hyatt


Located in the heart of San Diego, on San Diego Bay, is the luxurious Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. Since 2006, MTS Seating has enjoyed a great partnership with Hyatt Hotels Corporation. They have provided Hyatt with over 130,000 banquet chairs.

Properly appointed, comfortable meetings rooms are critical to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, which was recently named one of the “Best Meeting and Conference Hotels in the U.S.” by Groups International. MTS San Diego sales representative Janine Thomas and Account Executive David Wiles worked to provide this award-winning property with the perfect banquet seating for its facility — the Vario Allday Banquet Stacking Chair.

Rick Mitrovich, director of catering and convention services at the Manchester, contacted MTS because they are a preferred provider for Hyatt. He needed an “Eight-hour chair with a flex back, lumbar support and comfortable seating.” According to Mitrovich, “This was a big purchase, and I wanted the chairs to last a long time. And, we also needed a contemporary design that would complement the newly renovated meeting space.” The Vario chairs that they ordered were in an upgraded fabric and looked so great that Mitrovich said, “Some of our customers didn’t want to use chair covers, because these chairs look so elegant on their own.”

MTS created prototypes and Mitrovich sampled them with his staff. During this time, they uncovered a situation that provided a challenge. There were some low ceilings that prevented the staff from getting the stacked chairs into a storage area. MTS took on this challenge, and their enginering team, with John Menas, senior vice president of sales, worked together to solve the problem. A custom storage and handling cart was created to drop the stack to a height that would clear the ceiling. This was accomplished by creating a whole new cart that tilted the chairs in such a way that clearance was guaranteed. The carts also had to be comfortable for the staff to operate.

MTS even provided a prototype of the custom-built cart beforehand, so that they could test the situation. And, when the final carts were delivered, MTS had painted the carts a different color which could be easily identified as the carts to be used when moving the banquet seating to that storage area.

Finally, as their 7,650 chairs were in production, the Midwest got hit with one of the worst winters in history. The snow slowed down the manufacturing process, because employees were not able to get to work. But, the MTS production staff sped up the schedule so that the order was delivered as originally promised — on time. More than 7,000 chairs were produced in five to six weeks.

According to Mitrovitch, “Everyone at MTS is fabulous to work with — from sales to engineering, they accommodate you all along the way.”

MTS is all about finding custom solutions to provide the best products and services for our clients — whatever it takes. We call that The Art of Seating.