The Art of MTS Logo

Jonathon Kimble
Anserina Films/Communica, Inc.

If you’ve been passionate about filmmaking all of your life, then any subject could become your next production. Ohio filmmaker Jonathon Kimble explored work relationships for his artistic treatment of one of MTS Seating’s newest chair series – ergonomic guest and conference room seating – and found the perfect movie screen.

“I’ve always been interested in what’s ‘behind the scenes’ of any seemingly innocent setting,” Jonathon said. “Behind this chair is an elaborate design, engineering and manufacturing collaboration that involves many people. It’s actually a very complex process to build a functional, durable chair that is also a work of art. I wanted this chair to be a moving image of how it was created.”

Jonathon is a graduate of the Savannah (Ga.) College of Art and Design, with a bachelor’s degree in film and television. He works as a filmmaker and graphic designer in directing, writing, cinematography, editing and music composition on commercial and corporate projects.

Jonathon has also produced, directed and written several full-length feature films, including IMMINENCEGibsonburg and By Demons Be Driven.