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Dylan Stewart
Bedford High School 
Class of 2015

Dylan Stewart, as a senior at Bedford High School, Temperance, Michigan, loved drawing, ceramics and sculpture. Art still provides an environment that allows him to express himself, and create pieces that are truly outside of the box.

He turned his chair design for MTS Seating’s The Art of MTS project on its head – literally – by hanging the chair upside down from the ceiling. “I wanted to totally stray from what the chair looked like before,” he said. “My art tends to take on a dark, more industrial feel. In this case, I wanted to completely manipulate the chair and make a bold statement.”

Dylan used a plasma cutter to burn and melt the aluminum frame of the chair. He hung it at an angle from the ceiling, and then incorporated lighted ceramic forms into the piece. “By hanging the chair from the ceiling I was able to make it appear as though the ceramic pieces were bending and tearing the chair – deconstructing it,” he said. “I loved the smoky look of the ceramics, and achieved the same effect by using the plasma cutter on the chair frame. Overall, I wanted the effect of raindrops falling from the chair.”

Dylan hopes to study industrial design when he graduates from high school in 2015.