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Recycling Guidelines

2014 SynerGreen Our Partnership with Mother Earth


MTS Seating encourages its customers to continue the SynerGreen® philosophy by donating or recycling their furniture at the end of its use. Our chairs can be disassembled and recycled through local processors, or given to charitable organizations for reuse.

Disassembly Instructions


Many organizations across the country will accept donations of pre-owned, gently used furniture. Be sure to speak with a representative at the organization to ensure acceptance of your donation, as some may have restrictions for donating.

Please note that MTS Seating does not claim affiliation with these charities.

RecyclingBack to top

The packaging, frame, wood components, foam and upholstery of your chair may all be recyclable through local resources. Check with your community recycling program, or try these resources:

  • an easy-to-use national recycling center search function.
  • Harmony Industries is commercial buyer of scrap and recyclable materials. Truckload and less-than-truckload pickup is available, and they specialize in dealing with large quantities of hard-to-recycle materials.
  • Recycle Steel: search function for steel scrap recyclers. Many will also recycle aluminum; be sure to ask in advance.
  • American Chemistry Recycled Plastics Markets Database – Select “polyurethane” and enter your ZIP code to find foam buyers and recyclers in your area. Look for the Post-Consumer Industrial symbol next to the company name.

Disassembly Instructions, MTS Seating Stack ChairsBack to top
Click here for the full PDF of these instructions including helpful images.

The following general disassembly guidelines apply only to MTS ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ models of steel stack chairs. They are not intended for use on any other chair models, or any other manufacturer’s chairs. For disassembly guidelines for a specific chair model, please contact the Sustainability Department at 734-847-5884.

Tools required: Pry bar or claw hammer, Phillips-head and flat-head screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, scissors, mallet or hammer

  • Back Removal
    • For chairs with a silhouette style back (outer back): Remove the outer back first. Slide the pry bar between the inner and outer back and carefully apply force on the outer back until the clip pops out of the inner back. Repeat this procedure for all five clips (figure A).
    • To remove the inner back (chairs with and without silhouette style back): Remove four screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver (figure B) and pull the inner back away from the frame.
  • Seat Removal
    • Flip the chair upside down so the seat bottom is visible. For one person, place the chair seat-down on a table (figure C) for easier handling. Remove four screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver (figure D) and pull the seat away from the frame.
  • Glide and Stack Button Removal
    • Flip the chair upside down so feet are visible. For one person, place the chair seat-down on a table (figure C) for easier handling. Insert v-notch of pry bar or claw hammer between glide foot and the end of the leg (figure E) and apply downward pressure until the glide pops off. Remove the glide boot from the chair leg (if applicable). Use a flat head screwdriver to loosen and remove the multi-finger clip from inside of the chair leg.
    • To remove stack buttons, use a mallet or hammer to strike downwards on the edge of the button and loosen it from the frame. If the head of the button breaks off, push the pin of the button into the leg and it will fall out of the bottom. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the loose button from the leg
  • Seat and Back Disassembly
    • Use needle nose pliers or flat head screwdriver to remove any staples holding the upholstery to the wood. Pull the fabric away from the wood, cutting with scissors if necessary, and separate the foam from the fabric. Use pliers to remove the plastic clips from the outer and inner back.

These steps are intended to serve as a guide to the disassembly process. For instructions specific to your style of chair, please contact the Sustainability Department at 734-847-5884.