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A partnership with Mother Earth.

Our Philosophy

MTS Seating is sensitive to the impact of our manufacturing on the world around us. That’s why we developed and adopted the SynerGreen® philosophy to make continuous environmental improvements in our processes and products, while practicing sound business principles that focus on satisfying customer needs. MTS employs aggressive recycling programs and pollution-prevention initiatives, and we partner with suppliers who share our vision for environmental responsibility. Our goal is to have a positive impact on our planet and our customers.


GREENGUARD® and Indoor Air Quality 

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In 2008, MTS Seating became the first and only hospitality seating manufacturer at that time to earn the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification on our line of stacking, banquet and restaurant seating! Our products underwent rigorous testing to evaluate emissions and off- gassing, and have met the criteria defined by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. As a result, many of our chairs now carry the GREENGUARD seal and are marked as such in our workbook and pricelist and on our website.


MindClick Global Hospitality Sustainability Performance Index (HSP Index)


In 2014, MTS Seating joined the HSP Index to further solidify our status as the sustainability leader metal-framed hospitality seating.  The HSP Index measures the sustainability performance of suppliers and their products. The customized rating system generated by the index gives hoteliers and their purchasers a comparative measure indicating the level at which suppliers are operating their business in regards to socially and environmentally responsible practices.


Recycled and Recyclable 

If LEED certification is your project goal, our GREENGUARD Certification and the recycled content of our chairs may help contribute to credits. MTS makes every effort to incorporate recycled materials in the manufacturing of our seating products, and many of our chairs have a recycled content of 20% or higher. Exact data for each standard chair model is listed in our pricelist and on our website.  At the end of a chair’s use, an average of 84% of the materials used in our products can be easily recycled. That amount is even higher if more advanced recycling processes are used. From design to disposal, MTS is doing its part to ensure the sustainability of our resources and environment.


Energy Conservation 

Impact Energy Management of Ann Arbor, MI has recognized our conversion to T8 lighting systems in all of our facilities. In 2009, Consumers Energy of Michigan recognized MTS for its commitment to renewable energy. Through these and other SynerGreen® efforts, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in every way possible.


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policy

At MTS, we want our supplier partners to share in our SynerGreen philosophy. We look to do business with those suppliers who have adopted and implemented sustainability initiatives within their organizations. Sustainability is part of our supplier evaluations and their treatment of the environment is considered when we make purchasing decisions. One main facet of our EPP policy is to partner with suppliers within a 250 mile radius of our facility and who use SmartWay transit solutions that help reduce the impact on the environment. 


Having a positive impact on our planet and our customers is an essential vision shared by all MTS employees and encompasses every aspect of our business. Our partnership with Mother Earth is not just a fad; it’s a commitment to our customers, to our environment, and to our future.