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The Orange County Convention Center sits on a sprawling seven million square foot campus resting at the heart of Orlando’s hospitality district.

The massive three building formation that cuts through the Orlando skyline, is the second largest convention facility in the United States. With an annual attendance of nearly one point four million, it accounts for about two point four billion dollars of Orlando’s economy every year.

The Convention Center hosts more than two hundred and thirty events per year ranging from graduation ceremonies to international trade fairs to massive assemblies. The facility is fully customizable to meet the needs of specific events. And while no two gatherings are the same, the demand of supreme comfort remains consistent.

To achieve an unexpected and unprecedented customer experience, the OCCC sought to ensure that its two million square feet of exhibition space and five hundred thousand square feet of meeting rooms could provide a seating solution that perfects both the ease of comfort and the logistics of transportation, storage and handling.

With their current chair inventory approaching 15 years old, there was no option to compromise on a chair that didn’t increase operational efficiency.

They needed chairs that could be easily transported long distances, compatible with existing equipment, stack more efficiently and gang together more effectively.

They needed something better, and they got it with the MTS HD Stacker.

But no project starts at the finish line. The Art of MTS includes exploration and experimentation to find the perfect seat for any space. To begin, MTS showed OCCC leadership products that had been developed over our decades of banquet seating manufacturing.

But after collaborating closely their operations team, we realized that they needed a custom chair built from the ground up.

Factoring in comfort and customer needs, as well as forming architecture that fits an overall aesthetic, our collaboration resulted in the MTS HD Stacker, created exclusively for the OCCC.

A uniquely dynamic solution, the HD Stacker’s geometry and size create maximum seating capacity while carrying our COMFORTedge™ seat for enhanced comfort.

For more seating footprint, shoulder room and comfort, the HD’s wider base allows sixteen chairs to stack in the space and height of 12 standard banquet chairs––a 33% productivity increase.

Once aligned, MTS’ exclusive ganger unlocks peak efficiency––An entire row can be precision adjusted without separating chairs.

In total, the OCCC ordered 70,000 HD Stackers, each with the same identical angular lines, crisp upholstery and open hand hold.

Thanks to the success of the HD Stacker and our partnership with the OCCC, other similarly situated convention center customers have placed their own orders, making this the most explosive product launch in MTS history with over 200,000 HD Stackers produced to date.

Through careful collaboration, the Art of MTS leads to unsurpassed quality and unrivaled results. And both are on full display in Central Florida.

If you would like to learn more about the HD Stacker, contact MTS at 734-847-3875.