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Omega I Stackers

Omega I Stackers

CF594 CF594
Width: 18.5 inches Depth: 23.75 inches
Height: 38 inches COM: 0.85 yards
Shipping Weight: 22.5 lbs each Number per carton: 4
Cubic Feet: 16.75 cf
Patents: 6,088,877 and 6,174,029 and 6,471,293 and 6,679,551 and 6,820,934

Recycled Content: 20.46%. The packaging, frame, and wood components of your chair may be easily recycled through local resources; specialized resources may also be available for recycling upholstery and foam. Please see the SynerGreen section of our website for more details.

GREENGUARD Certification

12-Year Structural Frame Warranty