MTS Brings the Art to Hospitality Seating Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TEMPERANCE, Mich., May 14, 2014 – The defining characteristic of a hotel, restaurant, club or other facility is its overall “look” – the appeal it holds for those who are visiting. Considerable thought is given to choosing the perfect color palette, furnishings and other touches that set this property apart from others in the category. Does seating fit into this equation?

MTS Seating believes that hospitality seating can and should be a significant component of a facility’s look. “We view seating as an art,” said Bart Kulish, president. “Seating not only provides function and comfort, but it can also reflect the overall style and design, and it’s demonstrated in everything we do.”

With nearly 60 years in business, MTS can offer a one-stop source for design, engineering and manufacturing. “Because we have everything in-house, we can produce prototypes and manufacture customer orders in shorter timeframes,” Kulish said. “It allows us to partner with our customers on the ideal design and engineer it to their specifications.”

Hospitality seating, by definition, must be highly functional – light, easy to move and (preferably) stackable. “There are typically few expectations about style and comfort,” said Kulish. “But we collaborate with designers and specifiers to develop the seating solutions that not only meet their functional needs but also their design vision.” Often the collaboration begins with a design from the MTS catalog, and then is customized to match a customer’s color scheme, room design or other requirement.

Next, MTS creates a prototype of the design to get the ultimate durability and comfort from the finished product. “Many of our chairs will include our Comfortweb, ComfortFlex or ProBax seating systems. As important as the design of a customer’s chair is, building a long-lasting, comfortable piece of furniture is just as important,” he said.

Finally, the company’s dedication to customer service is demonstrated in an industry-leading warranty program, as well as individual customer relationships. “Collaboration really can bring a sense of purpose to both parties, and the result is a great relationship,” Kulish said.

MTS has introduced a new approach to branding that emphasizes The Art of Seating. “Because we are a forward-looking company, our branding now reflects that attitude. We’re design focused, and our new logo represents that in a clean and crisp manner,” said Kulish.