From The Edge of The Seat - February 2016 Monday, February 15, 2016

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Designs to Elevate the Human Experience

I am sure we have all had that “wish I would have thought of it” moment.  The desire to have been the one to come up with some invention, some design, that takes an experience or an object to the next level.  Personally, I believe great product design is not simply about a look, but how it is experienced.  Often times some of the greatest designs in recent history are related to some of the most mundane objects. The difference, and part of what makes them great, is that these often taken for granted items are capable of transforming the user experience.  For example, the curved shower rod is a great example of a product that has dramatically changed the showering experience for hotel guests.  I remember the first time I came across one in a hotel about 12 years ago.  It made such an impression on me that I had to find one for my home.  It also became a Christmas gift for many of my family members that year.  I am sure you can all imagine the looks on their faces when they opened that gift!  However, after using it every single person told me it was the best gift ever.  How could something so simple and common make such an impression?  Simply put, it elevated the experience to a new level.  It introduced a new level of comfort; it opened up a cramped space creating an almost roomy environment.  We all wished we had invented it because at a very visceral level we all understood the impact this product would have for those who used it.  The same can be said for an MTS chair.  We are focused on great design, which in the case of chair is more than just a look.  Chairs are a product that is experienced.  They are not a piece of art hanging on a wall placed there strictly for your viewing pleasure.  People USE chairs.  MTS is constantly developing new designs, blending visual attraction with exceptional comfort.  All of this is done within the framework that many of these chairs must also meet the operational requirements of the venue.  These are all important factors, but I will posit that it is the interaction between the guest and the chair that is perhaps the most important consideration.  Chairs are the physical connection to the space a designer creates.  In the same way that the curved shower rod improves the experience in the bathroom, an MTS chair can greatly improve the experience of a guest in the guestroom, ballroom, and restaurant.  Not to mention, by using the MTS Custom Shoppe, you can even develop the look you want on top of the quality and comfort that MTS builds into every product.  Comfort levels designed to elevate the human experience with your space.


BDWest – A new venue and new products from MTS!

We look forward to seeing everyone in sunny Los Angeles, this year’s location of the BDWest Boutique Design Trade Fair.   As always, we will be previewing brand new products so please stop by Booth #301 and see the artful seating that we will have on display. (Show BDWest Logo)


Salvo – Sit down and Cheer

The Salvo Series is the latest edition to the MTS Burgess Collection.  These contemporary, lightweight, multipurpose stacking chairs are perfect for banquet and conference venues.  Featuring sturdy aluminum alloy frames, unique back shapes and standard with a COMFORTflex® back and COMFORTweb® seat, Salvo is cause for celebration. (Show images of both CF24/2 and CF24/3)


The Art of Green Seating

2016 marks the 12th year of the MTS SynerGreen program.  We are committed to making continuous envinormental improvements to our products and processes while practicing sound business principals to focus on satisfying custome needs.  In addition, this year also marks our 9th as being UL Greenguard certified for our entire line of banquet, dining and guest room seating.  And if that wasn’t all, we have also been independently rated as a Sustainability Leader by MindClick.  MTS. Green….and getting Greener.


Project Shout Out!

We would like to thank Leonora Obispo and Pacific Asia Design Group in Honolulu  for their design and specification of (300) Premium Comfort Como Banquet Stack Chairs from the MTS Burgess Collection. These lightweight, durable banquet chairs will keep guests at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island comfortable for many years to come. Thank you Leonora for your support!