Perimeter Base Style Tables

Perimeter Base Style Tables

Round Cocktail Tables Round Cocktail Tables
Round Cocktail Tables  


  • Edge Dimension:

    SierraSolid 266 Edge Tops: 9/16"

    212 Laminate Self Edge Top: 5/8"

    Slimline Birchply 355 Edge Tops: 3/4"

  • Core Dimension:


  • Table Options:

    Model T5004-266 SierraSolid Eased Edge top shown.

    Available Sizes:
    30"D x 16"H
    36"D x 16"H
    42"D x 16"H
    48"D x 14"H

    Custom sizes and shapes available through the MTS Custom Shoppe.

  • Table Notes:

    All tables are available in SierraSolid 266 Eased Edge tops; 212 Eased 5/8" Self Edge; and Slimline Birchply 355 Eased edge tops.

There are no product installations available.