Laminate Base Tables

Laminate Base Tables

Vector Laminate Tables Vector Laminate Tables
Vector Laminate Tables  


  • Choose from 100's of Laminate Styles and Colors
  • Made with High-Strength Lightweight MDF Board
  • Edge Dimension:

    210 Laminate Self Edge: 1-1/4"

    211 Laminate Self Edge: 1-3/4"

    260 SierraSoliod Veener Eased Edge: 1-1/4"

    266 SierraSolid Profile Eased Edge: 9/16"

    370 Beech Buther Block: 1-1/2"

    390 Maple Plank: 1-1/4"

    395 Maple Plank: 1-3/4"

    Live and Engineered Edge: Contact MTS

  • Core Dimension:


  • Table Options:

    All Vector Laminate tables bases are 210 Laminate Self Edge. Tops are available in 210 Laminate Self Edge, 211 Laminate Self Edge, 260 SierraSolid Veener Eased Edge, 266 SierraSolid Profile Eased Edge, 370 Beech Butcher Block, 390 Maple Plank, 395 Maple Plank, Live and Engineered Live Edge tops.


    Standard Heights:

    30", 36" & 42"


    Standard Sizes:








    Custom sizes and shapes available through the MTS Custom Shoppe. 

  • Table Notes:

    CVL4296-260 Vector Laminate Base shown in Formica® Ebony 9012-NT with a 260 Series SierraSolid® top in Granitz Z86 Moroccan Spice.

  • Integrated Power Hubs
  • Custom Sizes Available Through the MTS Custom Shoppe

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