Chairs to Cheers

For seating solutions worth celebrating, nationwide restaurants, local lounges and social clubs alike look to the Art of MTS. 

Nothing pairs better with a meal than enjoying it in complete comfort. Which is why successful restaurants rely as much on creating an inviting atmosphere as they do a delectable menu. And in spots where style, comfort and beauty are essential ingredients, the Art of MTS offers a full course of options capable of creating a lasting impression. Classic diner Americana to rugged and rustic to contemporary cocktail. Only MTS can seamlessly design for any aesthetic without compromising on craftsmanship. Whether it’s our dining chairs and barstools, or our wide variety of laminate and solid wood dining tables and bases, when it comes to delivering stylish, design-forward seating solutions, the Art of MTS leaves no room for doubt. 


Redefining casual dining. 
Comfort food has met its match. With the comfortable seating selections from our many purpose-built lines, casual dining restaurants can create a relaxing place for their customers to return to, time and time again. 

Upscale without the upcharge. 
Put beauty and luxury on full display with a range of elegant, accessible seating options. And MTS can help you find the perfect fit for your space, and your budget. 

At the head of the class. 
All throughout your college campus, MTS brings your students and faculty alike smarter seating solutions that score high marks across the board in style, comfort and function. 

Membership has its privileges. 
You stop short of nothing to surround your members with all the select amenities your club offers. And MTS can help you create the equally exclusive seating solutions to appropriately surround them in singular style and comfort.